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    EfficienSea Engineering is the seed of more than 20 years of experience in the Marine Industry to the highest level by delivering practical expertise and innovations.

    We cover design engineering from the birth of an idea, the concept of that idea, the 3D modeling, the kinematic analysis, the structure analysis, the validation via bench testing to finally help manufacture the best product that fulfill your specifications and more so your expectations, may it involve metal or composites.

    The America’s Cup is the main field of our applications. Being the pinnacle of sailing, our control systems have made the difference multiple times since everything we create seeks excellence for a single goal: Performance.

    Since foiling is now the norm and after our breakthrough of 2013 with Oracle Team USA, Fast and Accurate Control Systems are mandatory to cope with high performance often coming with more unstable vessels.

Bringing both the Bench Testing approach and the Model-Based Systems Engineering (Simulations), we are bringing the best of both worlds to insure reliability and performance with the shortest design loop.

     The more systems we design, such as Flight Control Systems, Wingsail Control Systems and many more exciting projects, the more we believe there is still a lot to improve with new technologies.

Our field has evolved from pure Mechanical Systems to Mechatronic Systems and this is just the beginning of skills and technologies merging or benefiting from each others. This is why we strongly believe in cross-fertilization and are always eager to keep learning from other fields.

    Any project, no matter how expert we are, will succeed with the right vision, the right leadership and an excellent management. This is key to success. At EfficienSea Engineering we seek not only to bring State-Of-The-Art Engineering but we manage and lead projects with Open-Minded Attitude and Agility knowing our Core Value remains People and not Technology.

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