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    At EfficienSea Engineering, we believe Engineers and Designers deserve the best tools to produce rapidly the best results which will allow them to make more iterations of the complete design loop.


    Having parametric tools such as CATIA, the reference in Aeronautics, allows us to stay versatile between 3D modeling, Assemblies, Kinematics, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Production Drawings. 

   We also use the Altair Software Suite including Inspire for Topology Optimizations. This allows us to minimize weight and/or maximize stiffness as well as taking advantage of lattice structure in mind-blowing applications.

 Having Model-Based Systems Software such as MatLab Simulink/Simscape allow us to analyze and anticipate Control Systems response as well as integrating those control systems in Simulators.

     We also consider and use Bench Tests, 3D Printing Capabilities for

mock-ups and prototyping. We are connected to high–end Additive manufacturing in Stainless Steel, Titanium Ti6Al4V capable of achieving the finest details as well as the best finishing quality.

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